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def process_file(project: Project,
device_name: str,
sofa_file: Union[str, Path],
ambisonics_order: int,
device_description: str = None) -> DeviceObj

A module which encodes the DRTF (Device Related Transfer Function) such that it can be applied to spatial IRs. Reads a Sofa file which describes the DRTF for a specific device and and encodes it into a format applicable for rendering the microphone signals based on the simulation results.


  • project (Project): The project which stores this device.
  • device_name (str): Name of device.
  • sofa_file (Union[str, Path]): Path to sofa file.
  • ambisonics_order (int): Ambisonics order of DRTF.
  • device_description (str): Description of the device, optional.