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Adding new source definitions

In Treble you can add new sources definition to your source definition library.

Importing a CLF file

New source definitions can be created from importing a CLF file.

To add a new source definition, click the + New button in the header and in the drop-down menu click Source definition.

You will be prompted with the following popup where you can import a CLF file (note that only CLF version 2 with the file ending CF2 are accepted). Here you put in a type (Amplified, Natural or Other) and a category based on the type chosen.

The file undergoes processing, during which the directivity pattern and on axis response are extracted. Once this process is complete, a source definition details popup will appear. Following this, your new source definition will be accessible in the source definition library.


Sometimes data is missing from the CLF file, for example the source definition for a certain octave band or the on axis response is not measured in full bandwidth. Treble will fill in the missing data by extrapolating the existing data. This is highlighted in the octave band values, where extrapolated values are colored orange.