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PointRuleset Objects

class PointRuleset()


def __init__(min_dist_from_surface: float, min_dist_from_other_points: float,
min_dist_from_sources: float, min_dist_from_receivers: float)

Create a ruleset for source/receiver positions.

All distances in meters.


  • min_dist_from_surface: Minimum distance from an any surface in model.
  • min_dist_from_other_points: Minimum distances from other points.
  • min_dist_from_sources: Minimum distance from other sources.
  • min_dist_from_receivers: Minimum distance from other receivers.

SimulationValidationResults Objects

class SimulationValidationResults()


def as_tree()

Uses the display_data module to display validation results as tree.


def validate_simulation(simulation: Simulation) -> SimulationValidationResults

Validate simulation. Validates source/receiver positions. Receivers should be inside model and be placed 0.15m from any surface. Sources should be inside model and placed 0.25m from any surface. All layers should have materials assigned to them.