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Project structure

In Treble you can organize your data to keep a good overview of your acoustic designs.

A project can be used to group your spaces. One way to use this is to think of the project as the "building" or "site". e.g. The "New school project".

A space is a container for the model that you upload into Treble. It is intended to represent the "physical space" or "room" that you are designing. e.g. The "classroom" or the "canteen" of the new school.

A model is based on the geometry file that you upload into Treble. It represents a version of the space design that you want to run acoustics simulations on. You can upload an initial model and then make changes to it, such as adding or removing absorbent materials, furniture or other features of the space. This way, you can see how different design choices affect the sound quality in the space.

A simulation is a task that performs the acoustic calculation on a model. It takes the geometry of the model as input and allows you to define the materials and the positions of sound sources and receivers. You can also change the settings for the Treble simulation engine. The simulation results are then saved under the same simulation.

Projects overview

On the home page you see all of your projects and spaces and see a list of recently run simulations in the Recent simulations side panel.

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  1. Projects filter - Here you can filter what projects are visible on the home page.
  2. Project - Here you can see the name of the project and use the chevron to minimize its content.
  3. Space - By clicking the space card you go into the space page and see the models it has.
  4. Recent simulations - This side panel has a list of the last 6 simulations that have run or are in progress. You can open the simulations in the editor by clicking their name. You can also access the Auralizer and Results for the simulations by clicking the icon buttons on the right.
  5. Import models - By clicking ’Import geometry (beta)’ button you open a window where you can import 3D files into Treble.
  6. User menu - Here you can find links to the -Documentation, -Release notes, -Administration and -Log out.


Click the 3-dot menu on any item like project, space or model to view actions like ’edit’ and ’delete’.

Space overview

On the space page you see an overview of the models in that space. By clicking the model card you can see a list of its simulations in the side panel and click the ’Open’ button to open the model in the editor.

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