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Sharing an Auralization

In Treble, you can share your Auralizations with external parties. Shared Auralizations are experienced via a standalone web application which is open to anyone with a valid link once sharing has started.

Managing Auralization Sharing

Creating an Auralization Preset

Before sharing an auralization, make sure you have created a preset.


It's important to note that the description of the Auralization preset (if any) will be displayed to the external party via the shared Auralization.

Accessing the Share Feature

After saving or selecting your Auralization preset, you can open the share popup in one of two ways:

  1. Using the Share Button:
    • Click the Share button in the Auralization panel.
  2. Via the Presets Menu:
    • Select Share from the Presets menu.

Start sharing

A popup will appear where you can view and manage your sharing.

Sharing Methods

Share an Auralization using one of these methods:

  • Email Invitation: Enter the email address(es) of the recipient(s) and click Send. Each recipient receives an email with a unique link to view the Auralization.

    Email Invitation

  • Direct Link: Generate and copy a shareable link for direct distribution.

    Generate link Copy link notification

The link directs the recipient to, where they can experience the Auralization. Additionally, you always have the option to preview your Auralization by visiting the generated link yourself before sharing it.

Setting expiration


Anyone with access to the shared link can view the Auralization.

Setting Expiration date

You need to set an expiration date for the shared Auralization. By default the expiration date is set to 1 month from the day sharing was started. This expiration applies to all distributed links, including those sent via email.

Setting expiration


If the expiration date has passed, a warning will appear. You have the option to update the expiration date if you wish to continue sharing your auralization.

Expired auralization

Revoking Access

Individual Access Revocation

To revoke access for a specific recipient (or the anonymous link):

  1. Click the action menu (three dots).
  2. Select Delete to remove individual access.

Revoke access

Stop Sharing

To disable access to the Auralization for all recipients:

  • Click the Stop sharing button. This action invalidates all previously shared links.

Stop sharing

Resending Email Invitations

Should you need to resend an invitation:

  1. Click the action menu (three dots).
  2. Choose Resend.
  3. The selected recipient will receive a new email invitation.

Resend invitation

Updating Expiration Date

To modify the expiration date of a shared Auralization:

  1. Open the share popup.
  2. Click the pencil icon next to the current expiration date.
  3. Set a new date and confirm your choice.

This new expiration date applies to all shared access links.

Update expiration


Sharing auralizations in Treble: