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Import models in Treble

Treble now has the ability to import 3D files directly into the web app.

Geometry import picture 1

With this feature, which is still in beta, you can import geometry models of rooms in DXF, OBJ or 3DM formats, and use our automatic geometry checking tool to give you feedback on your geometry before you run simulations.

Click the ’Import geometry (beta)’ button on the home page to open the file uploader window. There you can choose a file to import.

Geometry import picture 1

Click ’Import geometry’, which imports the file and runs it through our automatic geometry checking tool. Once that is finished you will see a Geometry feedback screen with warnings or errors concerning the imported geometry.

Geometry import picture 2

You can see an image with a visualisation of the warnings your geometry has by clicking the ’See visual feedback’ button.

Geometry import picture 3

Then you can press ’Next’ and fill out a form with the Model name, Project and Space you want to put the geometry into. Press ’Finish’ and your new Space should appear on the home page.

Geometry import picture 4

You can then click the new Space and open the imported model in the Editor... and you are ready to go!

Geometry import picture 5


Note that this is still a beta feature.

If you get an error while trying to upload you file, please have a look at our help on our Treble-shooting page.

If the answer is not in there, please contact us via the Support chat.

Geometry import picture 5