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Welcome to Treble

Congratulations on taking the first step towards mastering acoustic simulations with Treble. Whether you're new to the world of acoustics or looking to refine your skills with Treble, you've come to the right place.

The Treble Acoustic simulation suite is designed to make room acoustic simulations seamless, intuitive, and entirely web based. That means no installations, no complex setups - just immediate access to powerful acoustic simulation tools right in your web browser.

Ready to dive in? Simply log in at to get started!

Web app welcome page

When logging in for the first time you should see a few example Spaces in an example Project on your home page. You can go ahead and explore the functionality of Treble by creating a Simulation in one of these spaces.

Web app home page

Creating simulations and results

Follow our quick start guide on how to create simulations and view results with Treble.

Web app Editor page

Importing models

If you want to start running simulations of your own spaces, you can import 3D models two ways:

In Treble - Import a 3D model straight into the web app by clicking the Import model button on the home page.

From SketchUp - Use the Treble plugin for SketchUp and follow the guide on how to set up Treble in SketchUp.

Video guides

Check out our video playlist where we provide a range of videos guides on how to setup and use Treble.